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Television Television


3Play 4800

includes Control Surface

From: Newtek

-Redundant Capture
-High-end Visuals
-Live Replay Switching
-Interpolated Slow Motion
-Social Media Publishing

3Play 4800 is the only multi-camera live sports replay system that dramatically enriches the viewing experience for audiences, engaging stadium and online fans with slow motion, instant replay, in-game highlights and social media publishing in every game.

With the most complete real-time capabilities available in any multi-camera replay server, 3Play 4800 makes it possible for sports organizations in any market to produce a gripping live experience that attracts more audiences—and sponsors—to the game. At just a fraction of the cost of other systems, producers can say goodbye to EVS level pricing and achieve winning performances every game.


Redundant Capture
For intense action, redundant capture of up to 4 live video sources doubles up ISO recordings and protects all your assets. Need more angles? Standard mode lets you record up to 8 live video sources, simultaneously.

High-end Visuals
Live animated, 3D-warped visual transition effects for switching and in-program editing, with custom animation creator and import of your own branded graphic elements.

Live Replay Switching
Monitor all angles during replay, and transition between them video-switcher style—providing a completely finished replay segment within moments, animated transitions and all, to output to switcher, feed the video board, or upload to the Web.

Interpolated Slow Motion
Get clear, crisp slow motion playback with standard HD or SD cameras (or both), achieved with a high-quality, super-resolution algorithm for sharper slow motion and dramatic stills alike.

Social Media Publishing
Easily distribute content to multiple social media sites in one pass—even during live production, for a unified, immediate brand presence.